We are a team of Christian counselors passionate about providing life-giving solutions. Everyone faces stress, pressures or problems at times that can seem overwhelming. Maybe you're not sure how your life got so out of balance, or how to find your way back? Maybe you doubt if you have the courage to take positive action to change. No matter what you’re dealing with, we can help guide you on a journey towards healing and change. 


Marriage & Family

  • Is your family and children out of control?

  • Is your spouse not supporting you?

  • Does your home lack balance?

  • Do you forget what family is supposed to feel like?

  • What does a biblical marriage look like?

  • How do I manage my time more efficiently?

  • How do I communicate better with my loved ones?


  • Do you feel stuck in life?

  • Are you unsure of what your next decision should be?

  • Are you unsure of your skills and strengths creating a fear of making a wrong decision?

Grief & Loss

  • Having a hard time dealing with life or losing a loved one?

  • Are you struggling with depression?

  • Do you hate a family member?

  • Are you having a hard time finding peace?

  • Are angry with God?

Substance Abuse

  • Are you ready to "kick the habit" and admit you need help?

  • Is life just "too hard?"

  • Do you want to Grab hold of "new health" and freedom in your life?

Anger Management

  • Are you tired of letting your emotions control you?

  • Are you lashing out at others?

  • Do you want to create new habits of being slow to anger?

Eating Disorders

  • Are you ready to find freedom from food obsession?

  • Are "purging and binging" a daily occurrence?

  • Do you want to create a new self image?

Sexual Disorders

  • What does God really say about porn?

  • Do you feel like you cant help the way you feel about your sexuality?

  • Do you constantly think about sex?

Depression & Anxiety

  • Is the feeling of sadness not going away?

  • Do you feel hopeless and desperate?

  • Are the fears of life leaving you anxious?

Meet Our Counselor

Tracy Parker

Tracy Corsa Parker is a State of Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Tracy completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology was earned from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, FL.  Immediately following graduate school, she completed two years, as a Florida Registered Mental Health Intern under the direct supervision of a qualified licensed supervisory clinician.  In order to obtain her license, she then took and passed the Florida issued national clinical mental health counseling examination (NCMHCE). Tracy continues to meet licensing requirements semi-annually by completing continuing education requirements for the field of clinical mental health. 

Tracy specializes in the clinical treatment of youth and adolescents; however she also has experience in providing counseling for marriages, couples, and families. Tracy specializes in anxiety, depression, grief, anger, self-harm, bi-polar, DID, trauma (trained in using EMDR as a preferred method/technique of treatment for trauma and PTSD), and sexual abuse amongst others.

Tracy lives in Palm Coast Florida with her husband Roger, they are a blended family since 2014. She has three Children, and Roger has five adult kids. In her spare time, Tracy enjoys going to the beach, and spending time with her very big family.